Elements manufacture the above 6 basic custom made cushions
If your requirements fall within the above categories, please advise your specifications in the form below and we will prepare a quote for you.
We strongly advise to purchase fabric swatches before proceeding with basic custom cushion orders.

Please note:
​• Elements manufacture using Sunbrella brand fabric, marine grade zippers and thread

• In order to manufacture the highest quality product at the the most affordable price possible we only offer the cushion designs shown above
• Unfortunately we are unable to offer piping, buttoning or cushion shapes that vary fom the above cushion styles.

Choose from 2 foam options:

High Grade Outdoor Specific Foam (QuickDryFoam®) – Suited to maximum exposure to the elements

• QuickDryFoam® is exceptionally porous and permeable which allows maximum water drainage and air circulation, allowing quick use after being wet or even saturated.
• QuickDryFoam® is produced by special process called ‘Hydro-blast Reticulation’. Unlike Non-Reticulated Normal Foam, Reticulated Foam has large, open pores that permit maximum water drainage and air circulation, hence allowing quick usage after being wet or even saturated.

• QuickDryFoam® uses UREGARD – in-bulit anti-microbial protection. It will prohibit the growth of common moulds and fungus inside your outdoor cushions even when left outdoors for a long period of time.
 Medium to High Density Open Polyurethane Foam – Suited to covered or enclosed outdoor areas
• Suitable for use with Sunbrella brand fabric when used protected undercover
• Suitable for outdoor use through warmer months
• Cannot be left outside for long periods
• If wet, remove foam from covers and allow to dry completely.

Foam Thickness
We recommend the following cushion thicknesses:
Seat pad / 50mm thickness
Bench seat / 75mm thickness
Daybed / 75–100mm thickness
/ 75–100mm thickness


Basic Custom Cushion Quotation